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The charming desert dunes with Sahara Trowel

It’s impossible to explain the terrific results using Sahara Trowel, that’s why Master Antonio Rispoli is showing us the high level finishing effects with this unique tool.

The special shape of the stainless steel blade mimics the sand dunes,upon thick layered materic plaster.

Master Antonio Rispoli proofs his skill freely moving the trowel on the wall, producing one-off results. Depending on speed, motion and tilt you can reach different final results, full expression of your creative mood.

Any wall can become impressive thanks to an inclusion that recreates the magic of the desert dunes, giving a movie like touch to an entire environment. As shown by the Master Antonio Rispoli, a fair amount of materic plaster and spreading it with the special shaped blade are all you need to recreate an enchanting desert in a room.

Buy Sahara Trowel and give life to unexpected shapes and effects

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