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One of a kind trowel for perfect burnishing

Ultimate solution against black marks



Xtrowel no more black streaks

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In collaboration with some Decoration Masters, a completely different tool was born: XTROWEL.
It’s the answer to a very big problem for decorators, in polishing white or light color venetian plaster. The common trowels on the market easily spoil your work done with undesidered black stripes. This won’t happen using Xtrowel because of its special stainless steel blade formula, whose molecular structure is completely different from the common steel.
Marmorino Tools achieved an exclusive supply for this formidable steel for the entire Italian market.

XTrowel creations

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Excellent details

  • Exclusive Marmorino Tools stainless steel blade
  • Anti-scratch rounded corners blade
  • Rectified edges
  • Poplar wood handle
  • Laser engraved wood handle for best grip
  • Smart black nikel-plated aluminum alloy fork

Revolutionary stainless steel

We did not consider the ordinary coated steel, subjet to immediate wear after a short time. The stainless steel of Xtrowel had never used before and its quality is different and far superior to other trowels. In facts he molecular structure of this kind of steel, subjects the materials to a very low friction thus avoiding burns.

Respect for plaster

It’s suitable for venetian plaster, white lime based plaster and for resin and microcement, specifically

Toghether with you, up to a higher level

Xtrowel has got an unmistakeable design, an hands-on grip, a stylish black fork. And it is also very lightweight to use because of the patterned poplar wood handle, in order to to relieve arm fatigue.

  • Xtrowel
    Art: 21093
    Size: 200x80mm
    Blade: Trapezoidal shape
  • Xtrowel
    Art: 21094
    Size: 240x100mm
    Blade: Trapezoidal shape
  • Xtrowel
    Art: 26094
    Size: 200x80x0,6mm
    Blade: Trapezoidal
  • Xtrowel
    Art: 26097
    Size: 240x100x0,6mm
    Left hand grip
    Blade: Trapezoidal
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Decorative is pure passion:
it’s not a job, it’s art, it’s your life


Decorative is pure passion:
it’s not a job, it’s art, it’s your life



Please contact us for further information about XTrowel

“Every time that you stand in front of a white wall you call everything into question and you work with the same strenght and passion as it was the first time”

Antonio, I love my job.
Your name engraved on your Trowel
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Marmorino tools, only for Faux Finishing Masters


For you, Faux Finishing Masters and for your needs, from the experience of 3M srl, historic Italian brand in professional hand tools for building and finishing, there is from now on a new landmark in the Decoration World: Marmorino Tools.
We focus and devote to realize, develope and improve ceaselessly specific tools for finishing, that can suit to the work that makes you proud everyday. Read More

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