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A decorator must be in shape!

The life of a decorator is not just creativity and passion. In addition to the continuous search for new solutions to satisfy customers and the constant commitment to reach new goals, we need to add muscular effort.

Just like the frescos painters of the past that left their marks in history of art, faux finishing masters are mentally and bodily envolved in creating their artworks on large walls and working on high scaffolds. It’s therefore important to exercise the body, in order to avoid muscle pain at the end of the day.

In the evening you should enjoy your family and your friends, relax and do the things you are fond of, and it’s not a pleasant feeling having stiffneck or sore tendom. Passion for your job often leads you to not feel the pain, keeping on decorating to see the final result, but then the consequences are all on your body. So you have to think about your physical well-being!

Here is a video in which the master decorator Gian Carlo Sagasti shows you some exercises to keep you fit, because we at Marmorino Tools care about your health!

Passion every day pushes you to decorate, creating astonishing results from time to time: so you can not stop working, blocked by back pain or by a muscle streched. To overcome all this, as well as to advise you to keep fit and not to take wrong posture, what can we do to help you? We can continue to do what you have chosen for: designing and producing, not only high-performance tools, but also ergonomic and ultra-lightweight, to make your job easier.

If you do not feel the tired wrist or the arm too streched, but you can move as you want while handling a trowel or a roller, then you will finish your task not tired at all. Moreover, not being constantly stressed on a physical level, you can focus on the decoration, which is the thing that gives you greater satisfaction.

Stay fit, stay creative!