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A free spirit artist of decoration

Paolo Spigolon has two main passions: he’s fond of decoration and of sea. He decided to move back home, Lignano Sabbiadoro town, from Milan, twenty years ago. He needs to live by the seashore that gives him spiritual positive energy and Paolo puts all this into his artworks.

Desire for creating and leave tangible signs of his personality, led him to decoration world and to love this job deeply. Every day, every task are new discovery to him and his job.

You always need to learn and test new materials to be a true master in decoration: that’s why Paolo attends to workshops and events toghether with his collegues, exchanging experiences and skils.

Paolo sincerely loves what he do, and he firmly believe in it. His habitat are building sites, where he is fascinated by everything is about construction.

He self-defines as a free spirit and he wants to break the mould and rules and only through decoration he finds the proper mood to express his feelings. A free mind can grab the instant, to transform it into something eternal. This is Paolo’s lifestyle and philosophy, always smiling, always in peace.