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Being decorators means learning every day

Fabrizio Folcia has been working as a decorator for 37 years. He started this job when he was a young boy, helping his father. Passion for decorating encreased so far, and he decided to carry on the family business, first toghether with his brother, and now alone.

Over the years Fabrizio has specialized in wall decorations and also in house renovations.

In the last few years Fabrizio has seen the offer of materials and tools dedicated to decoration growing enormously and he immediately understood the big opportunity for expanding his decorative proposals. So he started to work more and more with architects and interior designers. In fact, any experimentation is possible today for those who know how to combine technique, performing tools and materials, satisfying every kind of request, even the most extravagant.

Fabrizio loves his work, so much so that no effort for him is a burden or a sacrifice: certainly the displeasure of the time taken away from the family remains, which obviously is what matters most.

Despite almost forty years of activity, Fabrizio is not at the peak of his career: you never stop learning in decorating, and you must continue to improve. You never stop discovering new products, always different and always beautiful: curiosity pushes him further, so he can offer innovative and surprising solutions to its custome