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Decorating is my life

Salvatore Romeo has been living in Milan since twenty four years, but he is very proud of his Sicilian origins. He still remember when his father taught him the art of walls painting.

Since then, Salvatore has built up experience and became more sensitive about decoration world, and he attended several professional workshops to be specialized in decorating techniques. Nowadays, his wealth of experience takes advantages through sharing with other professionals at meetings, street-art shows and happenings: a lively way to be always updated about tools and materials.   

Undoubtedly, the best moment of his job as a decorator is to see a satisfied customer: a happy customer is to him the confirmation that he has taken the right path, that he is doing really well. Weariness of hard work suddenly disappears and even the sacrifices, the bad days, in which he would like to give up, are forgotten because he understands that decorating is his life.

In Salvatore’s opinion, to reach such high levels, you need to use the best tools, just like those by Marmorino Tools, and high quality materials. Reliable tools and quality materials make the difference because they make your work easier and faster, obviously if handled by a true finishing master, just like Salvatore!