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Decoration is an always surprising passion

Jennifer Sada Diehl is a very tenacious and passionate woman. Her love for decorative arts was the engine that drove her to open her own company in 2008. According to her, life is one and should be lived, always looking at the bright side: therefore, having fun and joking are for her  essential.

In her work she puts the satisfaction of her clients first: if they are happy, she can also be happy and move on to the next job. She loves when customers completely trust her and leave her full creative freedom, because they know that the result will be something amazing.

She was able to pass on her passion for decoration to her three children, which grows on its own, not without sacrifice, but she is rewarded by the work she does. It’s not just work, but it’s real love for decoration that fills her days, and  also her dreams: so much so that she often wakes up in the dead of the night and she realizes what she will create the next day.

Once the work is finished and she sees exactly what she had designed on the wall, she is surprised: it’s like magic. To do so, however, you must have the right tools. Only with efficient tools Jennifer can put into practice all the infinite techniques that she knows and her personal skills: she built her own style. In this way she can turn something ordinary into something truly unique and breathtaking