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Do what you love to do: that’s the greatest satisfaction

Romanian decorator Vasile Apetroaei started his company over 25 years ago. He describes himself as a grounded, honest man, but mainly as an enthusiast in doing his job.

To be a true decorator, means to him that he must always keep up with the times and with all the novelties of the trade, from materials to techniques and tools. In fact, decoration is continuously developing and changing. This is why it is important not to waste time: every day is a new opportunity to get new knowledge, testing with new techniques with the best tool suitable to the blank wall in front of you

The love for his job does not make him feel the fatigue of hours spent decorating: every morning he wakes up happy to start another day of activity. Physical fatigue is canceled when the final result is up to, or even exceeds, the expectations.

According to Vasile, doing a job that makes him happy is fundamental because it makes him feel really good about himself: work and health are, in fact, the two most important aspects of his life.