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Keeping on producing astonishing results

Davide Somma was born in Neaples, but he’s now living in Milan. He has been a professional and very satisfied decorator for 15 years. This job gives him the opportunity to unleash his creativity that had been unexpressed, when he was factory worker

Endless working days inside the factory did not fit to Davide’s temper! Since he was a young boy he cultivated the passion for decoration, and now he is fully satisfied. This satisfaction is the best reward for the distress because he sometimes is away from the family.

Davide works every day at his best, winding up the decorations he has been charged, trying to find new solutions to create unique walls that meet the needs and tastes of his customers. To do so, Davide is always looking for the right materials: some plasters or materic stuff change their aspect once they have been applied. Only at the end of the job and using the proper tools the clients will be able to appreciate the final result, and they are very happy.

His passion for decoration has already brought Davide away from his native city, but these days could take him even further: in his future there is a personal showroom in Tenerife.