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Michele Cudemo,the master decorator par excellence

Here is the interview of a master decorator who needs no introduction: Michele Cudemo, a true artist

His passion for decorating started in 1992, when he decided to leave the art of lithography to dedicate to decorating, a challenging choice, because at that time decoration was still in its infancy. In the nineties, the artistic choices of Michele Cudemo had been real innovation in this field, and they are still a milestone.

Michele Cudemo, in fact, was one of the first artist to have proposed real scenographic designs and material effects, but his style was too avant-garde for Italy at the time and his works were not initially understood by the public, who standed surprised and doubtful in seeing paintings made with the airbrush.

The initial difficulties did not stop Cudemo, who continued his activity as a decorator in clubs and hotels. Over time his name began to be known and to intrigue architects who worked abroad. And here is the turning point: Michele Cudemo is called to work in Dubai, where his art became immediately appreciated.

As a hyperrealist decorator, Michele Cudemo first specializes in night-time landscapes with fluorescent colors made with the airbrush, creating stunning effects.

As time goes by, he dedicated himself to the stuccos creating the rock and marble effects, always looking for new performing tools and materials. Now that the decoration has been understood by the general public, Michele has a huge advantage for the experience gained and the vast panorama of materials he has now available to work  on the marble effects.

Cudemo’s working processes are very challenging and take a long time, but at the end  the customer is always happy. For Cudemo, the greatest satisfaction in his job, is when he manages to create an artwork that excites everyone.

Now that the art of decorating has succesfully rooted in Italy, a strong collaboration has been born together with the other decorators and this is very significant for Cudemo, because together they can spread Italian art into the world.