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One goal: being a faux finishing master

Stefano Santinon tells about his passion for decorating, that he inherited from his father, it’s a family tradition. As a child he lived in close contact with all the professional tools and started to get passionate about the job, the styles and techniques of decorating.

Over time, decorating for Stefano started to mean “revolution”, opening to him new scenarios. Every house, every room in which he is called to carry out his activity offers him different inspirations that push him to search and develop different solutions and try new techniques.

Decoration is an art that offered to Stefano many opportunities and chanches for growth and comparison with the many decorating masters he had the opportunity to meet and with whom he had the good fortune to collaborate. The process of learning in decoration never ends and therefore Stefano hopes that these opportunities for collaboration, from which he always learns something new, often happen!

He wants to offer his customers special finishes so as to meet their tastes and fully satisfy them. In his work he loves to use stencils and lime based products, that is, all those solutions that do not fit the usual styles. His creativity always pushes him to new goals, which Stefano over time wants to achieve and successfully overcome.