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Only from Marmorino Tools, such tools! Words of a true decorator

Marmorino Tools gear is designed to fit all plaster materials and advanced techniques. Quality and reliability are tested firsthand by you, decorators masters. That’s why your reviews are so important to us, as a validation of our research in reliable tools.

The words of a true decorator, like those of master Dino Becce, are real fuel compelling us to make even better tools.

Stilight Trapezio Dual and Stilight Oval trowels have been fully tested by master Becce, and he is fully satisfied.He greatly appreciated their lightweight, typical for all Stilight serie trowels. We use the lightest poplar wood for the handle, the sturdiest ABS for the fork, in order not to tire out your wrists, in particular when plastering ceilings.

The peculiar trapezoidal shape of Trapezio Dual trowel has been especially designed for luxury finishings, like Venetian plaster, letting you move in the most natural way.

For archway ceilings and columns and rounded surfaces, the Stilight Ovale trowel is the best choice: it has no corners and it runs smoothly and you can control your strenght best, so the result will be a clean and uniform layering.

All these features are achieved through research and hard testing, to bring to you indispensable tools in your hands for creating always new decorations.