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#OttocentOikos and the partnership with Marmorino Tools

We at Marmorino Tools were very proud on May 22 last to participate as a partner in #OttocentOikos, a truly memorable event broadcasted live streaming worldwide, celebrating the twentieth anniversary of the flagship product of Oikos, Ottocento, an eco-sustainable acrilic paint, loved and appreciated by master decorators from all over the world.

Ottocento, as the name suggests, was inspired by the nineteenth century habit in covering walls with drapes and fabrics: with this finishing, it’s possible to convey this visual sensation on the walls, giving an old-looking touch of elegance to exclusive and sophisticated environments. The Marmorino Tools trowels are ideal for working with Ottocento and making the finishing stand out, reproducing the effect of velvet and silk.

On the occasion of the twentieth anniversary of Ottocento, Marmorino Tools created the Oikos Platinum special limited edition numbered kit, which includes three exclusive spatulas, the Dual Exotic and the Stilmirror in large and small size, best tools for working with this special material.

During the ceremony, the first three Oikos edition kits were given to the president of Oikos Mr. Balestri, to our Marmorino Tools CEO Alberto Manuele and to the master decorator Gian Carlo Sagasti, who took part at the event as a special guest. During his show, Sagasti, together with other extraordinary Oikos master decorators, succeded in creating truly evocative and unique finishings using Ottocento and the Marmorino Tools trowels.

The day was also an occasion to celebrate the work of master decorators, who with experience and passion continue to experiment every day, always giving us new ideas to create more advanced and performing tools to combine with de