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Packaging to protect your tools

We take care of everything in the smallest details, from the design stage to the final packaging, because packaging is not just a box, but makes the difference on the quality of the tool that you will use for your decorations.

Our packs are designed for an attractive display of our exclusive tools, but above all to protect them during shipping, as we do, for example, for the putty knives, which are firmly packed, to get them into your hands without the slightest scratch.

Our care in packaging is a further guarantee to offer to you tools that are not damaged by bumps or humidity: that is why we protect each roll with transparent film and arrange the trowels, like the Elite Pro trowels and Stilight trowels (the most flexible in the world…), into special boxes with the specific blade protection. We know how crucial the condition of the blades is: we protect it to give you a rectified blade edge that does not damage the decorative in any way, such as the Marmorino, the Venetian Stucco and the Lime. Thanks to the special protections, the tools are immediately usable and they do not need further processing with the sandpaper. Moreover, we are the only ones to have introduced on the blade the safe removable label, that leaves no residue of glue on the blade.

Every day excellent tools for any type of decoration are designed and manufactured entirely in our headquarter in Italy. Then we store them in the best way in our warehouse, shipping ready,  to come into your hands, to make decorations that will impress your customers.