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Painting master and decorator

Antonio Manna has been working as a decorator since 15 year, but he started as a pure painter. In fact, he studied at the Scuola di Belle Arti (School of Fine Arts) in Venice and he obtained the graduation in art painting. After graduation he moved to Rome in search of inspirations. There, he had been working for six years in a theater sets workshop, thus discovering different techniques to create evocative scenery for theater, opera houses, for cinema and also for television. After that he came back home in Veneto, and, almost by accident, he started to devote himself to interior decoration.

The greatest satisfaction for Antonio is to have the opportunity to make decorations every day because it is what he has always wanted and will always want to do. In recent years he has achieved his personal style, recognized and highly appreciated by customers. Through decoration Antonio expresses his desire to always experiment with new things, materials and techniques, so as to be able more and more to express himself with his own art.

For Antonio, art is personal storytelling, a way to declare to the world what one is. When he has to decorate a wall, he always starts with an idea that soon turns into shapes and colors leading to a result that is always different and unexpected. Infinite materials available to Antonio, always give him new inspiration and suggestions and when he sees happiness into his clients’ eyes, yes, that’s the best reward.