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Pop&Roll expands your creativity

Do you really want to astonish your customers? If yes, you must have Pop&Roll, a special roll for applying special textures and finishing to your artwork, impossible to obtain otherwise.

Many are the effects you can do: many textures at your disposal, that you can combine because the rolls can be easily and quickly changed on the sturdy handle made of high-strength steel with anatomic PVC grip, comfortable and sure. You can easily remove the rubber roller from the handle and wash it.

Practical and fast, Pop&Roll is the best solution for those who have space problems and and it’s very easy to store among your gear.

On each occasion you can decide how to combine the 7 different textures to emphasize even more your creative work. Carry it along in your toolbox, you will use it on any type of surface, thanks to the rollers of different sizes that adapt to all needs. You can really achieve awesome effects by combining Pop & Roll with thick plaster materials: the 3D effect is guaranteed!