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Primary goal: becoming a great decoration master

The young Tommaso Canton, from Vicenza, has a great passion for decoration. After starting to work as a bricklayer in the family business, he soon developed a sincere and authentic interest in decoration. This interest has grown to become a true passion, which fuels his days. Today, decoration is no longer just a passion, but has become the job of Tommaso.

The quality and innovation of products and tools are fundamental aspects for Tommaso to offer and guarantee the best to its customers. Professional growth stems from careful observation of the work of other decorating masters. Only by continuing to learn, in fact, you can always create different solutions by improving the technique.

The resin and the decorative plasters are the materials that give the greatest satisfaction to Tommaso because with such products he succeeds in obtaining different and exclusive results, from time to time.

Curiosity is the key to growing and establishing itself in the world of decoration: in fact, Tommaso has clear in his mind what the goal for his future is: to become a great master of decoration.