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True decoration is the art of beauty

It takes tenacity, passion, inspiration and strength to be true decorators and Francesca does not miss anything of all this. She combined her skills as an interior designer with the world of decoration, giving life to a unique and inimitable style.

She is an artist attentive to every detail, she defines herself as “a fussy artist”, because she always seeks excellence and above all beauty, which must not be lost for mere commercial purposes. In fact, there is no greater satisfaction than seeing a customer happy to admire the perfect result of your artwork. Because it is in your artwork, that you express yourself for real.

Francesca chooses the Marmorino Tools gear for her job, but often passion is so much overwhelming that she uses her hands directly to have a full contact with the materials and colors she loves so much and that she experiments, in order to keep up with the sector’s innovations.

Deep passion for her work that does not make her feel tired and makes her overcome all the difficulties and daily sacrifices that often keep her away from the family, whose support is not lacking. Indeed, her children constantly convey new energy to her, to make her grow more and more in the world of decoration and to continue her search for great beauty.