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Twenty years of life as a decorator

Antonio Carnevale is only 37 years old but has already gained a twenty-year experience in the world of decoration. It all began for fun and then turned into a real profession.

Thanks to his previous esperiences Antonio discovered increasingly sophisticated techniques, both for wall paintings and decorations and about the use of plasterboard. In particular plasterboard has become one of his specialties, because he can express himself at his best in creating something three-dimensional.

Antonio defines himself as a “materials expert”: this is why he is always looking for high quality niche products, which he always studies and tests. The training in this field is, therefore, fundamental as well as the collaboration and the sharing of opinions with other professionals, aming to a constant professional growth.

According to Antonio, a decorator cannot lack in creativity and passion: this is the only way to stand out and leave a distinctive mark into faux finishing world. Every day must be lived as a challenge to always create something new and different. The discomfort of the trips and the hours of hard work on site disappear when the work is finished and you see satisfaction into your customers’ eyes, creating truly amazing decorations.