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Uniform and smooth walls using Stilsaw trowel, words of a true decoration master

Master Gian Carlo Sagasti has been excited about the amazing features of Stilsaw trowel, with stainless steel blade, especially designed for layering thick materials properly.

The special blade has a serrated side for spreading the right amount of plaster on the walls. What does this mean? That every decorator will be hundred per cent sure that only the correct quantity of material will be used, and in the proper thickness. It’s an incredible advantage if you have to equalize a large wall.

The other side of the blade is straight and rectified, so you can scrape off extra materials. And with the same tool, you can also create special patterns and designs, as Gian Carlo Sagasti shows us, for a travertino effect for exemple.

It’s a must have tool into your tool-box: perfect walls, and time saved!