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Xtrowel, revolution has started

Finally you can see Xtrowel in action! Immediately you’ll realize you can solve a big problem in polishing some stucco in light or white shades.

Maybe you already experienced that common trowels on the market, usually leave black flecks on the walls, seriously affecting your work.

This does not happen using Xtrowel! And this is possible thanks to its blade, completely different from all the others on the market. Its staineless steel is unique, different at a molecular level than the normal steel. And only Marmorino Tools is able to provide for the Italian market this revolutionary steel, which is unmatched: it is an absolute novelty, it is a far superior quality steel compared to that of all the other trowels, not a simple chrome layer coating quickly coming off.

The particular formula of this stainless steel, in fact, subjects the materials to a very low friction thus avoiding burns. That’s why Xtrowel becomes the perfect tool for those  that works with Venetian plaster, white lime, resins and in particular with microcements.

You can now polish avoiding black streaks, applying the strength you want and with the possibility to repeat as long as you want. It’s no longer just imagination, it is a reality that can be in your hands, now.