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Xtrowel, the new frontier in decoration

On December 15th 2017 during the fifth M.A.D. meeting, an absolute novelty by Marmorino Tools has been presented.

We are now able to offer to you the most astonishing tool. It is the result of collaboration and sharing with some decorators, as new product born totally different from the previous ones, and we are very proud of it: XTROWEL.

Only after the prototype had been thoroughly tested we can now present the new tool worldwide. This new tool is what you were waiting for, because it is the solution to a big problem when finishing and burning venetian plaster walls. The common stainless steel trowels usually leave black streaks affecting your artwork. And the reason is because of the type of steel of the blade.

We spent months searching for a new kind of stainless steel and we are the first and only company in Italy to have a supply contract for a completely different type of steel, at a molecular level, compared to the one normally used. We are not referring to a simple coating of the surface of the blade, but we are considering a substantially different steel.

The XTROWEL tool is revolutionary because the blade is made of a stainless steel never used before, different and superior in quality to that of the other finishing trowels. You’ll be able to use it for polishing how many times and how hard you want. It is especially designed for venetian plaster, white lime plaster and above all for microcement.

Like all our tools, even Xtrowel is characterized by a distinctive design: ergonomic and poplar wood handle and stylish black fork, in a sturdy but lightweight tool, so at the end of the day you will not feel overworked arm, as it normally happens.

Xtrowel is the new solution designed with you and for you to give you greater satisfaction in the work that makes you great every day.