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The charisma of the master decorator: here to you Gian Carlo Sagasti

With his charming energy, Gian Carlo Sagasti is one of the testimonials of Marmorino Tools. Sagasti lives in Miami Florida, and he is internationally well known as decorator master in Venetian plastering, an activity he started in 2003.

Choosing Venetian stucco meant for Sagasti to bring back to life the Italian artistic tradition, worldwide famous for amazing masterpieces. Every time he undertakes a new job, the goal set by Sagasti is to finish it in the best way to make the customer happy: the astonishment of the client in seeing the decoration made is a highly satisfactory to him, proofing that his project really achieved the desired result. If the customer is not convinced, Sagasti is willing to make changes because the customer’s happiness is top priority to him.

Each decoration starts from a project: Sagasti already has the complete vision of what it will create. Right from the start, he is able to imagine the final result. The more complicated the requests are, the more compelling the challenge becomes: special stairs or rounded walls are all challenges to face and win. 

However, the job takes a lot of time away from his family. Since he founded the company Exotic Wall Finishes he returns home very late at night and so he spends a few time with children. This is really the biggest sacrifice to carry out the activity he loves most. An activity that obviously also asks him to stay up to date on all the innovations because decoration is an ever-changing field that undergoes the design trends of the. Depending on the house you enter, the modern or classic style you are facing, Sagasti can offer different proposals to intercept the customers’ taste and make them happy. It is a continuous balance between updates and customers’ desire without ever giving up their vision.

Obviously we also need the right tools because very particular and critical surfaces also need the proper tool, suitable for the chosen decoration.

The life of Gian Carlo Sagasti is devoted, above all to his family and to his activity as a decorator, so he hopes to be remembered forever and to witness his great talent there are his walls, a true hymn to beauty, that only an artist can make .