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The Special Editon Oikos serie and all the tools designed for true decorators.

Marmorino Tools launched a special edition trowel kit to celebrate the partnership with Oikos. This exclusive kit was presented as a world preview during the event organized to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the Ottocento plaster, the flagship product by Oikos.

Master Gian Carlo Sagasti, special guest of the day and  to whom has been given the kit, shows in this video not only the tools of the special Oikos edition but also the most representative and appreciated ones by the decorators of the Marmorino Tools range.

In details, he shows the Exotic line with golden fork and the Xtrowel trowel, made of a special steel whose particular formula subjects the materials to a very low friction thus avoiding burns and black marks on the walls. Sagasti also focuses on the Marmorino Tools gear specifically designed for polishing, with a nickel-plated polished fork, and points out that in the wide range of Marmorino Tools there are also the highest quality stainless steel spatulas.

Well knowing the needs of all decorators, each tool is also offered with different grips, also for left-handed people, made of different materials because there are those who prefer the wooden handle and others the rubber one.

Finally, master decorator Gian Carlo Sagasti focuses on the contents of the special edition Oikos kit, in which Xtrowel could not be missing, which for this edition is re-proposed with silver fork and  handle. The kit also includes two polishing trowels and of course the Exotic trowel, whose special trapezoidal blade allows you to reach every corner.

All these tools prove how Marmorino Tools always puts in the market new different items, performing and good looking designed, to satisfy the needs of true decorators.